Marina Shindenkova is a photographer based in St. Petersburg, Russia. 


2006−2010- Art School, pictorial art course

2013−2017- Kazan Federal University, Faculty of Law, criminal law specialization

2017−2018- Docdocdoc School of Modern Photography (St. Petersburg, Russia), course of documentary photography and photojournalism/ curator Michail Domozhilov

2018- Summer school project, photojournalistic workshop/ curator Andrey Polikanov

2019-2020 Docdocdoc School of Modern Photography (St. Petersburg, Russia), course of postdocumentary photography/ curator Michail Domozhilov 

Awards, Exhibitons and Screenings

2018- I live in Russia/ group exhibition in Moscow

2018- I live in Russia/shortlist

2018- I am creator/ special jury

2018- PhotogrVphy grant/nominee/experimental category

2018- group exhibition of art cell «Vetv"/ collage series «Chisayna»

2019- Competition of young international journalists, Russian union of journalists/ awardee

2019- ESPY photography award/ nominee

2019- ESPY group exhibition 21 May-22 June/ Elysium gallery, Swansea, WALES

Publacations:, Bird in flight, Les Media, Russian Reporter, No one left behind craudfinding platform, Dream with me charity project